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An experience like none other since 2018

Whiskey Neat Barbershop opened in Nashville, TN in January, 2018. It was created to be the in-person experience with Whiskey, Ink, & Lace products, as a figurative “tasting room to our brewery”.

We’ve been in the men’s grooming industry for over 5 years now, making men’s grooming products under the brand Whiskey, Ink, & Lace. Whiskey Neat Barbershop has become our brick ‘n mortar space for our expert barbers to provide exceptional hair cuts, beard trims, straight razor shaves and more using premium products all made right next door.

This creates for a very unique, customized, and laid back experience.

Did we mention that every services comes with a complementary glass of whiskey? 


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About the Founder

Andi Whiskey started her first business offering graphic and web design services at 16, she went on to run a marketing business while attending CSU Long Beach and then beyond. She also ran and managed many other businesses, ranging from photography, private event bartending, a skateboard magazine, and a few more along the way.

Andi grew up in California, and spent a lot of time traveling all over the country. Whiskey, Ink, & Lace, our men’s grooming products, originally debuted in late 2013 on the coast of North Carolina where she was living at the time, and it brought her from the east coast to the Northwest as the business expanded. The business spent a year in Portland, then moved to Seattle as it grew.

It wasn’t long until Andi picked up roots again, and has now deemed Nashville, TN as home base for the time being. It’s a fitting place for the brand and her fondness for whiskey. Whiskey Neat Barbershop was her pet project. She loves creating experiences with her products, and the barbershop was the ultimate way to create an elevated experience for her customers and friends.